What we do

Integrated Holistic Healing

The Steiner Method goes beyond treating symptoms. We specialize in resolving complex injuries and pain patterns that have not improved with other approaches.

Our advanced methods take us deeper into the body system to determine the root cause of a problem, which is where lasting and even transformational healing occurs.

Who We Help

Helping Everyone at Every Level Obtain Personal Goals

We help individuals with recent injuries as well as those with pain that has not resolved despite multiple efforts with traditional approaches. In addition, we work with clients who want to avoid, prepare, or recover from surgery.

Many patients we treat are surprised to learn what has been limiting their capacity to heal or perform at their maximum potential. Sometimes they may lack access to specific muscles or their body may function out of alignment. It could also be that their nervous system may be holding shock or trauma from small or large events in their life.

The Steiner Method uses a global, holistic perspective to determine the underlying reasons why an injury has not healed. Once these underlying factors are identified, we use advanced manual therapy and refined exercises techniques to balance your body, resolve pain, and restore your capacity to fully participate in life.

Many of our clients are amazed when they feel their bodies improve with age and experience greater vitality, flexibility and resiliency.

What we offer

Holistic Healing


Healing Retreat

Healing Retreats are week-long experiences in Hawaii and Costa Rica that provide personal renewal, growth, and restoration. Healing Retreats include a morning meditation, an evening workshop and for a limited number of participants, a one-on-one Healing Intensive experience.


Healing Intensive

Healing Intensives are a unique, personal five-day experience of one-on-one care with a Certified Steiner Practitioner. This opportunity can stand alone or be incorporated into a Healing Retreat.


Private Retreats

Customized Private Retreats allow corporations, businesses, and individuals to work with us to design a program specific to their needs. We can customize the duration, focus, and location of your Private Retreat to provide the ideal experience for you.

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Treatments by Appointment

Clients who may not be able to attend a retreat or who want to continue treatment after attending a retreat may make appointments to see a Steiner Method Practitioner at their clinics. Appointments are currently offered in:
Austin, TX
Hermosa Beach, CA
Mount Pleasant, SC
Tulsa, OK


Residency Program

The Residency Program is advanced professional training to learn the complete Steiner Method.


Continuing Education

We offer weekend courses for healthcare providers interested in learning elements of The Steiner Method.