What we do

Integrated Holistic Healing

The Steiner Method is a holistic healing approach that accelerates our capacity to heal. This system integrates orthopedics, kinesiology, physics, and neurology to identify underlying issues and achieve long lasting clinical results.

Our physical health is affected by musculoskeletal injuries, trauma, emotions, and beliefs that accumulate in our bodies and impact the regulation of our nervous system as well as our overall well being.

This holistic healing method brings these systems into greater balance and ease.


Rebecca Kern Steiner, PT, OCS, SEP

Helping patients find their path to healing has been Rebecca’s life work for over 25 years.

Rebecca’s revolutionary and multidimensional approach allows her to help people overcome complex injuries and pain patterns that have not improved with other techniques.

Through the Steiner Institute, Rebecca and certified faculty teach Rebecca’s integrated method to other physical therapists and individuals.

What we offer

Heal and Learn


Healing Intensives

Healing Intensives are one week long opportunities that allow clients to work one on one with a clinician. We offer Healing Intensives throughout the year in Hawaii and Costa Rica.


Residency Program

The Residency Program is advanced professional training to learn the complete Steiner Method.


Healing Workshops

Healing Workshops are one week long courses that teach personal growth and healing techniques. We offer Healing Workshops throughout the year in Hawaii and Costa Rica.


Continuing Education

Beginning in 2023, we will offer weekend seminars for professionals wanting to learn an aspect of the Steiner Method.