Continuing Education

Imagine a scientific method
that taps into healing
at its deepest level

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Lifelong Learning

Learn a method that improves quality of life

Education through the Steiner Institute will increase proficiency in even the most experienced practitioners. This method provides a roadmap for navigating the multidimensional healing process in anyone regardless of pathology or level of wellness.

The Steiner Method is based in physics and orthopedics. It has proven its efficacy through hundreds of patient cases as therapists incorporate it successfully into their practices, achieving lasting, life changing results for their clients.

The Steiner Institute Continuing Education curriculum begins with six courses that may be taken individually by healthcare providers interested in learning elements of the Steiner Method. These six courses are prerequisites for attending Steiner Institute’s Residency Program which includes advanced courses and mentorship in the Steiner Method.


Steiner Institute Education

We teach life activating techniques.

Because the Steiner Method addresses the body as a whole, the changes are integrated and lasting. Ultimately, the Steiner Method allows patients to feel better in their body, mind, and spirit.

The Details

Continuing Education Curriculum

Courses are taught by Steiner Institute faculty.  Rebecca Kern Steiner, PT, OCS, SEP is the founder of Steiner Institute and owner of New Dimensions Physical Therapy. She has over 30 years of teaching and clinical experience.

Module one – classes 1, 2, 3

BioActivation Techniques and Principles

BioActivation is a manual therapy method that reduces pain and restores balance and ease of movement. This method achieves this by restoring joint and myofascial mobility and stability throughout the musculoskeletal system. BioActivation addresses biomechanical, physiological and psychological mechanisms involved in the organization of human movement. 

Module Two – classes 4, 5, 6

BioActive Myomechanics Techniques and Principles

BioActive Myomechanics is a method of analyzing and reeducating musculoskeletal movement that specifically identifies the intrinsic nature of neuromotor recruitment in order to achieve optimal biomechanics. This approach teaches principles of biomechanics and how to incorporate them into musculoskeletal movement from an extrinsic and intrinsic perspective.

Module One: BioActivation
Class 1: Lower Core
Class 2: Middle Core
Class 3: Upper Core

Module Two: BioActive Myomechanics
Class 4: Lower Core
Class 5: Middle Core
Class 6: Upper Core

All six courses are prerequisites for the Steiner Institute Residency Program. The next Residency Program will begin in 2026.


Course Experience

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Introduction to the Steiner Method

Demonstration of the Steiner Method

Q&A with Rebecca Kern Steiner


2024-2025 Course Offerings

BioActivation course dates are listed below.

BioActive Myomechanics course dates will be scheduled after May 15, 2025.

The Steiner Institute designed these courses for licensed health care practitioners including PT, MD, DO, DC, PTA, OT, CNP, LMT, personal trainers,  and athletic trainers. The techniques are for use within the individual’s scope of practice.

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BioActivation of the Lower Core

Option 1 : Austin, TX – September 14-15, 2024

Option 2 : Tulsa, OK – September 21-22, 2024

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BioActivation of the Middle Core

Option 1 : Austin, TX – January  25-26, 2025

Option 2 : Tulsa, OK –  February 8-9, 2025

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BioActivation of the Upper Core

Option 1 : Austin, TX – March 8-9, 2025

Option 2 : To Be Announced



Cost: $595.00 per course.

To Pay by Check: Please mail a check to:

The Steiner Institute
4411 Medical Parkway
Austin, TX 78756

To Pay by Credit Card: Please call 512-328-8950. Please note that credit card payments incur credit card fees not included in the course cost.

To Complete Registration: Please provide the following information:

  1. Name as you would like it written on your course certificate.
  2. Profession & license number.
  3. Course name, location, and dates you are registering for.