Our Faculty

Founder, Instructor, practitioner

Rebecca Kern Steiner

My practice, New Dimensions Physical Therapy, was founded in 1995, creating a new medical model of high-quality care outside of traditional insurance-based practice.

This one-on-one design provided me the time to listen to my patients intently, with sincere reverence and compassion. I also had the freedom to be creative in my treatment approach and look past symptoms to learn how one area of the body affects another as well as the whole.

Simultaneously, I discovered that profoundly attuning to the nervous system, emotions, and vibrational frequencies within and around each person opened me to the reality of our multidimensional and interrelated nature. This holistic and integrated perspective led to the evolution of the Steiner Method.

I am excited for more practitioners to learn and feel the fulfillment and awe that I and my colleagues do when we see healing unfold deeply and exponentially through this approach.

My commitment is that we may experience the potential that exists within us to heal and manifest well-being, experience the joy of moving freely without pain, realize the capacity to improve with age, learn tools for navigating life with authenticity, harmony, grace and flow, and evolve into the greatest expressions of ourselves.

Degrees, Certifications, & Trainings:

  • University of Kentucky: Bachelors of Health Science & Physical Therapy, 1988
  • Orthopedic Certified Specialist, 1995
  • Aston Patterning Practitioner, 2009
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, 2013
  • Research published in the Journal of Orthopedics and Sports Physical Therapy

Instructor, practitioner

Kim Kolodji

I have over 30 years experience as a physical therapist and have been the owner of Thrive Physical Therapy in Mount Pleasant, SC since 2018.

Along my career path, I have had a growing desire to provide a deeper aspect of healing to my patients.  When I met Rebecca Steiner, I found a method of treating patients that was loving, compassionate and all encompassing. I was inspired to learn this method when I observed how the work went way beyond treating musculoskeletal pain and symptoms by opening pathways to healing years of adaptations held in the body.  I witnessed shifts not only patient’s physical bodies, but in their lives as a whole. 

Once I experienced the work in my own body I was passionate to learn the method so I could share it with my patients. I have found the results to be incredible and powerfully impactful.

I love being able to use this treatment approach because it allows me to listen to the wisdom inside each patient and help them unlock their path to true healing.

Degrees, Certifications, & Trainings:

  • University of Kansas Medical Center: Bachelors of Physical Therapy, 1988
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Craniosacral Training

Instructor, practitioner

Helen Washecheck

For over 22 years, I have owned two thriving outpatient physical therapy clinics in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Concurrently, I have enjoyed the opportunity to have a successful cash-pay practice for the last 16 years that has allowed me to strengthen my skill set and build long-term relationships with my patients.

From the beginning, my passion and interests in physical therapy have centered around spinal dysfunction. I have had the privilege of working with clients consistently for 15-20 years and have been amazed at the body’s ability to age well when physical and emotional health is a priority.

I was drawn to the Steiner Method by its ability to quickly and accurately identify the true root cause of dysfunction, and provide a road map for treatment. I have learned to use this method to guide me in my therapy sessions and to systematically check the efficacy of my treatments to provide concrete, reproducible results that support my clients in regaining and maintaining a pain free, active lifestyle.

Degrees, Certifications, & Trainings:

  • University of Oklahoma: Bachelors of Physical Therapy, 1991
  • Craniosacral Training
  • Family Constellation Practitioner
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (in training)

Instructor, practitioner

Becky Wilcox

I believe in the body’s inherent wisdom and its ability to heal itself, given the chance. It has been my passion for the last decade while being a physical therapist at Physical Therapy of Tulsa to be a part of that healing alongside my patients.

I have a particular fondness for using manual treatment techniques to both diagnose and treat pelvic pain and dysfunction. Combining these techniques with the Steiner Method’s total body and unique approach to movement and exercise allows me to more effectively restore my patients to their full potential.

It has been humbling to see the results of implementing this holistic approach into orthopedic and pelvic floor rehabilitation and witness the body providing the answers when it is asked the right questions.

Degrees, Certifications, & Trainings:

  • Oklahoma State University: Bachelors of Nutritional Sciences, 2006
  • University of Oklahoma Health Sciences: Masters of Physical Therapy, 2010
  • Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute: Certified Pelvic Rehab Practitioner, 2014