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Healing Retreat

hawaii & costa rica

Your Path to Healing

Nature nurtures you on all levels. It can teach you so much about yourself because, in fact, you are an intimate part of it. Your cells and soul know this and crave the connection. It is literally the air you breathe.

We invite you to come and sink into the elements that make up who and what you are. We host our healing retreats in the powerful energy of Hawaii and the blue zone in Costa Rica.


Healing Retreat

Our healing retreats are opportunities to amplify your personal experience of being connected to yourself, others, and the energy of these powerful locations.

Healing is not a linear experience. To release or move that which no longer serves us often requires us to open our tissues, heart, and mind to that which is stuck or buried deep within us. We are here to gently guide you through this journey. The end result is that it leaves us feeling freer, lighter, and more connected to ourselves and others.

Ultimately, healing is letting go of all that is keeping us constricted in our bodies, hearts, and minds and gives us a greater capacity to express joy and love and experience greater ease of movement through life.

What’s Included

Your retreat experience includes a morning meditation, an evening workshop, 7 nights accommodation in single or double occupancy rooms, gourmet meals and the option to include a one-on-one Healing Intensive Experience.

Good morning

Morning Meditation

Duration: 60 minutes
Time: 7:45 – 8:45 AM

Morning Meditation includes mindful movement to bring you into your body and to prepare you to participate in a receptive form of meditation called The Centering Method. Our students at the Steiner Institute have found this form of meditation sustains and grounds them through life challenges, while opening them to inner wisdom and intuition.

good evening

Evening Workshop

Duration: 90 minutes
Time: 5:15 – 6:45 PM

Each evening we will be guided to explore a new dimension within each of us. This collective experience will be with our community of participants. The work itself is personal and focused inward.

The intention of these evenings is to strengthen our capacity to know ourselves more intimately and cultivate our capacity to love, forgive, and accept ourselves and others.

We accomplish this by:

  • Releasing physical holding patterns
  • Learning more about our emotional landscape and how to navigate and work with what we discover
  • Exploring and working with the energetics of our being
  • Accessing and practicing self-compassion

The Healing Retreat will provide a platform for self care and awareness that is foundational for healing and creating a life where you thrive.

At Steiner Institute we hold that the work we are doing on this retreat and in our personal transformational journeys is key to restoring well-being to our earth and blessings to those whom we may never meet.


Retreat Packages

Costa Rica and Hawaii hold special meaning to us. Join us and immerse yourself in the nurturing and healing energy of these locations.

Costa Rica Destination

We are excited to be hosting our Costa Rica Healing Retreats at the beautiful Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort. Our stay there will include healthy and delicious meals, the tranquility of the surrounding jungle, and options for yoga classes and spa treatments.

Healing retreat

(starting at $2893)

• Daily Morning Meditation Workshop (5 days)

• Daily Evening Workshop (5 days)

• Single/Double Room (7 nights)

• 3 meals each day (7 nights)


Bring a guest to share your room for the week for only $791 and you both get all the benefits mentioned above.

Your friend can join you for the retreat for an additional $1991. Or your friend can attend the retreat + healing intensive for $6791.

Healing Retreat
PLUS Healing Intensive Experience

(starting at $7892)

• Daily Morning Meditation Workshop (5 days)

• Daily Evening Workshop (5 days)

• Single/Double Room (7 nights)

• 3 meals each day (7 nights)

• 2 hour 1:1 Healing Intensive (5 days)

Hawaii Destination

We are excited to be hosting our Hawaii Healing Retreats at the beautiful Lumeria Maui educational retreat center. Our stay there will include healthy and delicious meals, the tranquility of the grounds and gardens, and views of the Pacific ocean from the property. Beaches and waterfalls are only a short drive away.

For our guests going to Maui, please watch our Welcome video for more information.

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2023 Session Dates

Hawaii • April 3-7, 2023 • Full

Hawaii • April 23-28, 2023 • Full

Costa Rica • June 24-July 1, 2023 • Waitlist Available

Fall Opportunities in 2023 • To Be Announced

Please contact us if you are ready to join us at a retreat or would like to be added to a waitlist.