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Frequently Asked Questions

A Healing Retreat is conducted in a group setting and led by one or more Steiner Method Practitioners, which includes a Morning Meditation and an Evening Workshop.

A Healing Intensive is a 5-day series of 2-hour one-on-one treatment sessions with a Steiner Method Practitioner. This opportunity can stand alone or be incorporated into a Healing Retreat.


If you purchase the Healing Retreat you will be participating in the group Morning Meditations and Evening Workshops. 

If you purchase the Healing Intensive you will experience five consecutive days of 2-hour one-on-one treatment by a Steiner Method Practitioner, in addition to full access to the Healing Retreat (Morning Meditation & Evening Workshop).

If you are unsure which package is right for you please contact us and we can help guide you.

Absolutely! We offer a Just Hanging Out rate as an add-on option that covers room cost for a second occupant. Cost of meals for a second occupant vary depending on the location. Please contact us for more information.

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