The Steiner Method

Residency Program

the knowledge

What You Will Learn

This program will provide you with the ability to identify the underlying or root cause of a patient’s problem/dysfunction/dis-ease process. You will gain a deep appreciation of the interrelatedness of the entire system. In every aspect of this training all aspects of the body will be considered in relationship to the whole.

You will learn techniques that help you identify when beliefs held in the body and mind are suppressing someone’s strength, endurance, or capacity to heal. You will also learn strategies to bring these beliefs to consciousness when the patient is ready and facilitate them to release and shift when they no longer are serving the person.

It provides a comprehensive system that will tailor your approach to the unique needs of each patient in order to maximize effectiveness.

the result

What You Will Gain


A key to unlock each person’s deep potential for healing.


A road map to facilitate deep healing and wellness. Through testing you will know where to start a session, how to sequence your treatment, how much to do, where exactly to do it and when to do what.


A model that will guide you to connect with the deep wisdom of a person’s body/nervous system/spirit and have that inform your treatment so that you can serve people with the utmost respect and reverence. This model will continually evolve as you work and will produce results that will amaze you for the rest of your professional career.


A method to facilitate the use of your intuition that you can objectify, test and measure for accuracy.


A framework that will allow you to incorporate your current skill set with new ideas and concepts.


An understanding of physics principles that will allow you to analyze movement subtleties and retrain every person who comes to you for care.


A lens to assess and a capacity to help patients gently and reverently move emotional trauma through their body to accelerate healing, increase well being, and improve regulation in the autonomic nervous system.


A capacity to provide rapid results when everything else has failed.


A skill set that will catapult your treatments to achieving transformational results.


A system to treat people from a wellness perspective to optimize performance and quality of life.


Course Highlights

the Process

What to Expect


  • Demonstration of advanced knowledge base and/or extensive years of practice.
  • A three year commitment to the program.
  • Obtaining of books and materials to supplement classes. A list will be provided upon acceptance into the program.

During the Course

  • Prior to class, you are expected to have proficiency with manual therapy, orthopedics, and arthrokinematics.
  • Between classes, you will practice what you learned. During the next class, you will demonstrate your proficiency and be tested for accuracy. The ideal scenario would be to do the training with a local colleague whom you can practice with.
  • You will demonstrate how you have integrated the information from the previous class and how it has informed your daily treatment sessions through case study presentations in the following class.
  • A meditation practice will be essential to being deeply effective at everything you will learn. You will be taught the Centering Method which is currently a required practice for the medical students attending UT Austin.


The next Residency Program will begin in 2026. Please reach out to us if you would like to be contacted when applications are open.