who We Are

About the Steiner Institute

The Steiner Institute is committed to teaching an integrated holistic approach to healing and providing Healing Retreats and Healing Intensives for individuals. Combining years of experience mastering multiple disciplines, Rebecca Kern Steiner developed her own methodology that understands the musculoskeletal system as a multidimensional whole.

Rebecca recognized the critical nuances in each discipline and integrated these perspectives and techniques into a pioneering yet accessible system.

Her remarkable ability to convey what is highly complex and beyond our current perceptions resulted in the Steiner Method, an accessible, measurable, reproducible, and teachable methodology.

The Steiner Method recognizes the musculoskeletal system as a window to see what a person needs to heal and bring themselves into balance.

The foundation for this mission was built in Austin and Hawaii by Rebecca through years of working with patients from around the world.

This mission began years ago and has proven successful.  

Our methodology

How We’re Different

The Steiner Method uses diagnostic manual muscle testing to assess and treat the recruitment capacity of each muscle as well as manual therapy to allow for pain free movement and alignment throughout the musculoskeletal system.

This approach engages the myofascial system specific to restoring force translation through multiple joints simultaneously. It achieves this by improving skeletal alignment and restoring proper positioning of each joint thereby reclaiming one’s ability for moving without pain and with ease.

When myofascial balance is achieved specific to joint alignment,  a dynamic suspension system is restored.  This increases the joint’s fluid lubrication, allows for improved force attenuation, relieves pain, and improves movement efficiency and power output.

This technique is very effective at unravelling adaptation patterns in the body and allowing access to strength, balance and powerful efficiency with athletic activities and daily life. Because the technique addresses the body as a whole, the changes are integrated and lasting.

This method addresses the underlying reason why an injury is present or will not heal. We access and allow the inherent wisdom within the body to guide the process. In so doing, each session is unique and specific to the needs of each person in that moment.

These sessions are conducted with skillful precision, reverence and compassion. In this way, our multidimensional and interrelated nature as human beings is allowed to emerge. This allows for the opportunity to release that which is held in the system and access our innate capacity to heal and grow.